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Hello World!

Welcome to the Like a Little blog, where you can find news about the latest and greatest in our Flirting Facilitation Platform, LikeaLittle.com!

What is Like a Little?

Have you ever done the following when trying to talk to someone you like a tiny, teensy bit?

  • Frozen up like a deer in headlights being chased by zombie raptors in Antarctica
  • Turned a shade of red that had previously been unknown to science
  • Stammered about the weather
  • Dropped your [insert noun]
  • Said something stupid
  • Told them you didn’t like them when you really did
  • [Insert other embarrassing flirt attempt here]

We’ve all been there. It’s time we made flirting a tiny, teensy bit easier.

Who uses Like a Little?

Everyone likes to flirt! Right now, Like a Little is being rolled out to college campuses in the US, but there’s a lot of potential to expand Like a Little to include more locations in accordance to popular demand.

Why should I use Like a Little?

Here at Like a Little, we tried to address some of the stumbling blocks that makes flirting frustrating instead of fun. We allow users to post flirts anonymously and do not allow flirts to use names, but we moderate the feed to make sure that Like a Little stays friendly and fun – after all, we want your crushes to read your flirt and be flattered, not grossed out.

How do I use Like a Little?

You don’t even need an account to use Like a Little, although obviously it doesn’t make sense to post your anonymous flirt to, say, UC Berkeley when you’re trying to flirt with that Stanford hottie. Just pick a gender (take your best guess), a hair color, tell the world how awesome this person is, and click Boom!

While we did try to make flirting easier, flirting on Like a Little still uses some real life principles. For example, it’s much more polite and flattering if someone says ‘You’re cute!’ (the second person, very personal) versus ‘She’s hot!’ (third person, objectifying – girls don’t like that). Vulgar or crude language is strongly discouraged, though some allowances are made for sheer cleverness.

When should I use Like a Little?

Well that’s an easy question! All the time! As soon as you see someone you like a tiny, teensy bit! The closer you post a flirt to the actual time you thought it, the more likely it will result in a connection (not backed by empirical data, but it makes sense, right?) as other Like a Little users chime in and root for you to flirt IRL (in real life).

Where is Like a Little?

Like a Little lives at http://www.likealittle.com. Pick your favorite feed, and note that the URL then becomes http://www.likealittle.com/school_name! Wait, did you want to know where we really were?

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